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Full Matrix Capture – Total Focusing Method For Carbon Steel Pipelines

In this comprehensive course, participants will delve into the fundamental principles and practical applications of FMC/TFM. Theoretical concepts are thoroughly explored and reinforced through hands-on lab exercises focused on thin-walled carbon steel pipelines. The training is centered around the Olympus X3 platform, while also offering transferable knowledge to other platforms for enhanced versatility.

NDT for Pipeline Integrity Engineers Course

The attendees will participate in hands-on demonstrations in MT, UT Straight Beam, UT Shear Wave, UT FAST, Phased Array UT, Time of Flight Tip Diffraction UT (ToFD), automated C-Scan UT, Eddy Current Array external defect detection and sizing, and Laser scanning of OD corrosion & dents.


Compass Tech plans to expand its course offerings by introducing additional ASNT ISQ UTT Prep Courses (3 Day). Contact Us for more details!



Introducing our esteemed instructors in the field of non-destructive examination (NDE) and pipeline integrity. With decades of experience and a passion for excellence, they bring unparalleled expertise to guide and inspire the next generation of technicians and engineers.

Mike Redmond

Mike Redmond has been a prominent figure in the NDE field for nearly three decades. With a career starting in 1994, he excelled in pipeline integrity digs and became the first technician to provide transverse flux tool data for assessing Long seam features. Mike’s expertise led him to work exclusively on pipelines, including a significant role as a Program Inspector for Alyeska on the Trans Alaska Pipeline. Later, he joined SPIN LLC, known for its revolutionary FAST technique in pipeline long seam inspection. In 2003, Mike co-founded PfiNDE, the first NDE vendor focused solely on pipeline ILI NDE support. After PfiNDE’s successful growth, he became a founding member of Circle B Integrity Services. Now, Mike will lead Compass Technical school, imparting his knowledge to aspiring NDE technicians and engineers.

Joe Liley

Joe Liley is an experienced professional in the NDE field, specializing in pipeline integrity since 2010. As an ASNT Level III UT and MT (#330209), Joe has excelled in training technicians, troubleshooting operator issues, and developing work procedures. He has a rich background working with industry leaders such as Enbridge, Marathon, and P66. Joe’s expertise and dedication make him the perfect fit as the Lead Level III SME for Compass Technical school, where he will contribute to the education and training of future NDE technicians and engineers.

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